Sunday, 13 December 2009

One Day Photography Courses Sussex, south coast.

Our Photography courses are reduced for the remaining weeks to January and return from £99 as a special offer to £105 from January 1st 2010.
So fill your boots!
Courses here

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Photography Course Vouchers for Christmas

Our unique One Day photography courses with a profesesional photographer are doing well and proving to be a hit again this Christmas. If you are lost for a gift, these make the perfect gift for budding and long term hobbyists and those with an interest in developing their skills further.

We have been running these courses for the past two years very succesfully, taking in the unique South Downs and Brighton seafront, with the added bonus of a pub lunch up on the Downs. It's a unique day, where skills are learned in a supportive, non-competitive environment in which those attending leave with an excellent range of new skills, confidence and above all the inspiration required to spend more time with their camera creating the images they believe in.

See the site here for booking details at excellent value; I'm not sure how much longer we can keep our prices down at this level.

Two more excellent Wedding Photographers in France have recently joined with us, Nicolas Gornas and Johan Majerus and I would like to welcome both to Wedding Photography World. In addition Barbara Fryer, based in Devon as a Wedding Photographer, has also recently joined us. I would like to welcome all three as we look to economic recovery in 2010. The Christmas booking season is about to commence so these photographers are very well placed to benefit from our google position that has been achieved through several years very hard work. It never ceases to amaze me just how many high quality wedding photographers across the globe we now have with us.

I will also be covering a number of local events this Christmas in Brighton including a wine tasting event in the Fiveways area of Brighton and corporate events in hotels near the seafront, as well as two or three in London. I am also booked for several family portraits; it is lovely to see families returning to this tradition; I wonder what future generations will make of the period when family portraits just didn't happen. What a sad loss in those families histories. Still, as a genre it is on the rise again so not all is lost. For the first time in a long time I am enjoying my photography again, I think every professional goes through this at some stage, interests wain, business detracts from the creative side and creative flows ebb like the tide; well the tides in and I am at my most creative for years so fill your boots! :-)