Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Landscape Photography Course Brighton, Sussex

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This weekend, despite a temperatre of -2 in the morning and intermittent snow flurries, saw us all thoroughly enjoy the day ot with our cameras in the landscape of Sussex, around Brighton. We run a 1 day landscape photography course here in this lovely town, starting on the exquisite South Downs with there gentle drama, and on this occassion frozen fauan. Mushrooms were the early interest, along with the natural landscape. Wrapped up warm and with thermos flasks of sweet tea and soups we ventred along the South Downs Way in the direction of Winchester for a mile or so, before the cold got too mch and we headed back to the car park with a series of outstanding images.
For me, what makes these courses so enjoyable is watching students discover new aspects of their cameras and starting to apply new learned knowledge hands on. It is an absolute pleasure.
After a very long and leisurely 2 hour lunch (it is usually 45 mins at most) due to the exteme low temperatures outside, and after some refreshingly intelligent conversation, we set off to Brighton seafront.
The light got the better of s shortly after 3.45pm bt not before some lovely shafts of light fell on the beach huts and across the Chanel, giving us some magnificent skies and silhoettes to contend with. The starlings, as they are prone to be at times, were late. However they gave a spectacular display as they raced in from above the Grand Victorian sqares in Hove and over the sea to there roosting position over the Palace Pier. They appear to have abandoned the West Pier, in it's dilapidated state in favour of the Palace Pier. Known as a murmuring, the starlings gather in social groups of two or three, several thousand in each flock, and circle and sway high above the Pier slowly descending s the light fails and the sun sets. As each flock pass each other they produce to the eye a thick cloud of density that is perfect for photographing and remains absolutely awe inspiring. I have been enjoying these daily events for nearly 20 years now and as a natural phenomonen it never ceases to me. The event started apparently after the Great Storm of 1987 which destroyed much of their habitats, a great nmber of Elms were lost that night and are still used in furnitre making in the City. As such a rare wood it is highly popular.
Many other trees were lost too obviously hence this fantastic daily event at this time of year, right through into new year, of thousands upon thousands of starlings swirlng above the Pier with such grace and silence.
The volume increases as they land, bt within a few minuites there is silence again and the event is over. Almost as quickly as it started.
This weekend has made me realise just how much I enjoy these courses....the prospect of getting out of bed and going outside for the day on sunday didn't initially see me jmping ot of bed. But once out in the landscape it was an absolute pleasure and even I found myself lying prostrate on the frozen ground photographing mushrooms in Macro growing out of cow pats....I guess I could always stack shelves in Tesco's for a living instead but hey, I love what I do. See the Pics below.
This weekend also saw us run our first Open House as part of the Brighton and Hove Artists Open Houses. My beautiful partner Georgina was displaying her jewellery that designs and then has produced by artesans in Italy and I had several Art prints and canvases on display too, some around Brighton, one from West Wittering and a short series from Tate Modern. Also the cup cake below........see what you think. You can find more at www.JollyGorgeous.com
So, to the Courses again, it is clear I need to do more offline marketing to get these courses noticed. If I could do these 5 days a week I would not only be quite well off but extremely happy. They are a joy to conduct and the feedback from one student telling m I was a good teacher, is always encoraging to hear not having formally trained in teaching. The really good thing is that I am able to convey the photographic skills people are seeking and impart that knowledge clearly and concisely in a manner that is both understood and appreciated.
Now I can wait for the next one, so get booking folks! If you are buying a camera for somone, get them a days course too to learn how to use it and get the very best from it. The Course Vouchers make excellent Christmas gifts and are open for 12 months.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Photography Courses in Tuscany.

New for 2011, we are now running photography courses in Tuscsny, Italy. Staying in a stunning 400 year old Villa we go out into the landscape and produce all the wonderful images this incredible landscape offers. Enjoying fine foods and wines in the evenings and reviewing the days image making, living in historic surrondings and savouring all this wonderful land has to offer, those who love Tuscany will love our Photography Courses too. Our bespoke Tuscany Photography holidays and wine tours will charm you and your family or friends. You may well not want to come home.
Cooking classes and Vineyard tours available as optional extras.
Please get in touch for more info or see http://www.JamesRGordon.com
Call +44 7985 564401 01273 542970
Services of a translator available.

Photography Courses in Sussex

One day Landscape Photography Courses in Sussex, get to grips with your camera and its settings.
We spend the day on the beautiful South Downs and on Brighton seafront.
Gift Vouchers available open for 12 months. Call us on 01273 782550 or 07985 564401

Photography Portraits in Brighton, Sussex

For Photography Portraits in Brighton, West and East Sussex, use James R Gordon see http://www.JamesRGordon.com or call us on 07985 564401. Beautiful colour or monochrome photographs produced and delivered in time for Christmas.