Sunday, 17 October 2010

Wedding Venues in Tuscany has secured two new Wedding Venues this week. Both are very beautiful, one absolutely extroadinary, again owned by local Aristocracy. For more details, and to make reservations, or to contact us for more information, please contact us through
We also have a new Venue outside Rome in the pipeline, as well as our existing Venues, the most exquisite and amazing historical Villas available in Tuscany. Used by Hollywood Directors and celebrities alike, these unique and stunning wedding venues in Tuscany are off the usual maps and only available through us.
With superb caterers providing the fine and dynamic Tuscan food you would expect, and the most sophisticated wine lists from local suppliers and vineyards as well as the bigger known Chianti's and brands, you might just find yourselves enjoying this extraodinary landscape nursing a hangover or two. They know how to party in Tuscany, in the most idyllic surroundings.
So, if you are seeking exclusivity in Tuscany for your wedding, get in touch with us at Our professional interpreators are witing to guide you to the party of your dreams.

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  1. Glad to know about these wedding venues. I am planning to arrange my cousin’s wedding next month and in search of stunning venues in San Francisco. Hope to find an apt venue and arrange a grand memorable wedding.